Best Colleges for Religious Studies

Religious studies are about learning different religious practices, religious beliefs and how they work. Religious studies can be learned from the best colleges in the world, but what better place than India? Here we have thousands of religions; we understand and know about the core beliefs once followed by our ancestors. Growing up with many questions, many suspicions or things about why religion is so sacred are a few curious things that the young generation wants to know. There are both full time and part-time courses and programs offered by the best universities.  Here is some information about the best colleges for religious studies in India.

Aligarh Muslim University is a famous college for various graduations. Religious study of Turkish is provided by the college. The fee is affordable and it is a 1-year program. Maulana Azad National Urdu is a deemed university providing masters in Islamic studies. With a fee around 20,000 and for 2 years, the course value is immense as many Muslim families who don’t strictly follow every religious belief want the further generation to know more about their religion. Hence, the popularity of this program is immense. Kurukshetra University in Haryana offers certification in the Bhagavat Gita. It is a part-time course, as many are comfortable doing the course while working or studying.  Many learners who pursued their certification in these colleges are happy about quality education.

Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi offers a program “Shastri” it is a full three-year graduation program concentrating on Hinduism. Department of Buddhist studies in Delhi offers a master of arts in Buddhist studies. A few other best colleges include, The American College in Madurai, Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, the University of Madras in Chennai, Kerala University in Kerala and popular open universities in many states offer different kinds of religious studies at both graduate and master’s level.

There are many best colleges in India offering religious studies. The conflict between religion leads many young learners to know about religion in depth. They seek answers to many questions in their minds, which the elderly might fail to answer or explain in detail. The professors or teachers who are specialized in the subject area are concerned about religion fading away into thin air with every generation. Hence the faculty always is open for healthy discussions, exploration, and many more exciting things.

Some passionate learners are interested to go beyond what can be learned. Aiming for higher colleges which are best in the world is also an option for those who can afford it. Having a scholarship for religious studies is one in a million chance. Here are some universities which offer the best quality- the University of California in the US, Stanford University in the US, the University of St Andrews in the UK and the University of Edinburgh are among the top 10 colleges for religious studies. The other universities, among the top list are from Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. However, there are not in the budget list for many, hence choosing from colleges in China, Korea or Israel can be affordable. At China Renmin University of China is one of the best and among the top 30 all around the world. The living expenses and travel costs are affordable when managed. Choosing a college that can provide you the best education is as important as learning religious studies.

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